During this phase, the objective of the team is to actively manage the budget development process, provide the Owner and its consultants with timely input on cost and method alternatives, and monitor the availability of materials and compatibility of costs. This process involves continuous monitoring and interaction.

Also an active role in monitoring is taken by the Lampsi Design team, revising and updating the schedule for the preparation of contract documents by the design team. To accomplish this, a system of status reporting customized to reflect the mutual needs for current information is utilized to provide project cost and schedule accountability.


We are a firm believer in partnering and the motivating force partnering can have on a project. Developing trust with a team where each member looks for ways to help the other, promotes the best kind of collaboration and each member benefits. The construction staffing consists of an experienced team integrated into their projects during design and prior to construction commencing.



Budget accountability is the responsibility of the Project Managers. They manage the budget & work with the owners staff to review and control costs on a monthly basis or at shorter intervals as required.


Quality control represents a mindset that is the responsibility of all members of the team. It is each individual’s duty to fully understand their area of responsibility and to be accountable for achieving the highest level of quality from the initial design to the final installation.

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